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In anticipation of the next Hector Lassiter novel, Craig is releasing a series of exclusive-to-Kindle thrillers that expand upon and tie back into the world of Hector Lassiter, setting the stage for the Lassiter novels to come.

PARTS UNKNOWN (Kindle) is based on the notorious Cleveland "Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run" murders investigated by legendary "Untouchable" Eliot Ness. The first in the Chris Lyon series also includes an exclusive interview with James Jessen Badal, author of the definitive study of the Cleveland Crimes, "In The Wake of the Butcher." Also included is an exclusive preview of the Hector Lassiter novel, ROLL THE CREDITS.

CARNIVAL NOIR (Kindle) centers on a sinister touring carnival and a mysterious series of murders that seems to follow the carnival's cross-country course.

CABAL (Kindle) pulls back the curtain on the conspiracy threatening to destroy Chris Lyon and his family—a twisted plot driven by a mysterious murder cult stretching far back into history. The third Chris Lyon thriller sets the table for #4, ANGELS OF DARKNESS, coming April 2013 and featuring an appearance by Hector Lassiter.

ANGELS OF DARKNESS (Kindle) The worlds of Chris Lyon and Hector Lassiter collide: For centuries, a secret cult has satisfied its blood lust while quietly prodding history down the darkest of alleys. For nearly as long, an ancient order of Celtic knights has fought back.

Stretching from the Scottish Highlands to snow-swept Chicago, ANGELS OF DARKNESS is the final novel in the "Dark Cabal Quartet," and a reach back to TOROS & TORSOS and ONE TRUE SENTENCE. It is the capstone of an unprecedented saga of serial murder and secret history; a wildly original thriller about the efforts of two long-persecuted men of letters caught in the crossfire not just to survive, but to turn the tables on both factions to devastating effect.

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